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 Forum Games Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Games Rules   Forum Games Rules EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 11:10 am

Forum Games Rules:
Read, Ignorance is no excuse!!!

* Do not create a new thread after 20 pages until a moderator does. You can start a new game but we do not want to clean up six versions of X Game IV.

* New games are not to be made by those with under 50 posts. Why? Because by the time you have 50 posts, you probably will know enough about what will be accepted.

* Don't make slightly modified clones of existing games. It's annoying.

* Be creative. If a thread doesn't interest us at all, we will close it. Elaborate on what you're saying.

* Even if an already existing game thread (no matter how old it is) becomes full of unimaginative and boring posts, then we will have to close it.

* From now on we will be posting the rules for the games in the first post of each game thread. This is to prevent people from randomly asking somewhere in the thread how to play a certain game. Now you can go to the first post and figure it out on your own.

* No flaming. If we see it, we’ll give you an infraction. We don’t want to hear any excuses. If you say someone else started it or something stupid like that, we’ll still give you the infraction. If someone flames you, report them or ignore them! Talking back will only get you into trouble.

* And just because the forum rules are a lot less strict here in the game forum, it does not mean you can go completely off topic and spam.

* Do not use the “Rate the XYZ above” -games to chat with your buddies. Don’t keep rating each others’ avatars, sigs or whatever post after post as an excuse to chat. There are other places for casual conversation.

Any complaints or questions, just PM us anytime. We promise we won't bite.

EDIT: Games Forum is not a chat area, you play GAMES here. Also, wait at least five posts from your last to post again, that way everyone gets a go and spamming is reduced.

Sometimes, there's always a question nagging at that small place in your brain. Ask someone, and get your answer. That's how life is, very, very, peachy.
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Forum Games Rules
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