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 Read this First before posting!

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Read this First before posting! Empty
PostSubject: Read this First before posting!   Read this First before posting! EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 11:23 am

General Talk Rules:
Ignoring this is crime!


Okay…so a few little suggestions for ALL members.

* No spam.
Well, duh. This applies to the entire forum. But since this place is filled with completely off-topic threads, you guys seem to love spamming here. Rules still apply. We already have a spamming area, use it.

* Do not make stupid threads.
Uh… threads have to have a point, at least. No stupid threads asking a single question. No threads on manga/anime sites; no "show off your sig/avatar" threads; no threads on "random funny things"; no threads asking for fills; no threads asking questions for surveys; no threads on personal issues asking for advice; no threads asking for the title of a particular anime, soundtrack, whatever; no goodbye threads; and no introduction threads.

Well, obviously… you’ll be banned. I will allow some advertisements if you can convince me that they are useful!

Please, use it. I hate seeing repeated threads. It really annoys me to no end. I hate cleaning up STUPID messes…

* Video game discussions go into the video game thread.
Please, do not make threads on specific video games. If you do that, others will do that, and the entire General Chit Chat section will be bombarded.

* Be polite at all times.
Being polite includes not doing anything that puts others in an uncomfortable position. I will not tolerate rudeness here, nor will any of the staff.

* PG-13.
Due to our users being of a diverse age range, including some relatively young, I'd like you all to refrain from talking about sex, drugs, and alcohol in a certain light. Don't talk of them in any way that it can seem like you're advocating them- such as talking about going to a party last night, drinking a bottle of whiskey, and... well, you know where the rest of the story goes, and if you don't, we're protecting you from it with this rule. If you have a problem, or am talking about a real relationship, or getting aggravated about someone who you know doing these things, that's another story.

* Personal Issues.
Please refrain from talking about personal issues on this forum. Sometimes things get out of hand and certain situations arise that become too difficult for the rest of us to handle. Keep real life away from the internet! Or just go to a forum where they talk about personal issues and offer advice.

Any suggestions or complaints are appreciated! Sort of...

Sometimes, there's always a question nagging at that small place in your brain. Ask someone, and get your answer. That's how life is, very, very, peachy.
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Read this First before posting!
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