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 Rules for both Art and Fan-Arts

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Rules for both Art and Fan-Arts Empty
PostSubject: Rules for both Art and Fan-Arts   Rules for both Art and Fan-Arts EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 11:32 am

Here are the rules for both Art and Fan-Art section

The Rules

* Criticism.
Please try to post GOOD and HELPFUL advice and criticisms. If something can be improved please let the artist know HOW. If you're unsure about how it can be improved but still want to help out then explain WHY you do not like a certain aspect of the drawing/sig. Same goes for if you do happen to like something. Do not just simply post "good job," "I really like it." Please elaborate on why you like it, what aspects were good to you. Please refrain from spamming and know that excessive spamming may earn you an infraction.

* Size, spoilers, and image tags.
If your image is more than 500 x 500 pixels, USE SPOILER TAGS. "[ spoiler] image url [ /spoiler]." Image tags are similar and are often better to post than links to deviantart accounts... "[ img] image url [ /img]." There are many places to upload images on the internet, simply google!

* Personal Art Threads.
You are absolutely allowed to make threads specifically for your work.

* Making more than one thread.
You may make more than one thread in the art section ONLY if you have two different types of art to show off. An example: You may have a signature thread and a drawing thread. HOWEVER! I do not want to see two or more different threads for the same type of work.

* Adding new art to your personal threads.
If you have any new work and you have an already existing thread, edit the first post to add your new work there or you can just simply post it. Whatever works best for you.

* Plagiarism.
No plagiarism, period! If you get caught, prepare to be punished. This includes passing off someone else's work as your own AND it also includes tracing images or drawing them "from memory" and not giving credit to the original artist. If you happen to do the latter, you must also provide the original image. You are also ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED to ask someone to plagiarize their works and pass them off as your own for school assignments and what not. Since mods cannot do it all, we would be very appreciative if members could report any plagiarism.

* Contests and Competitions.
They will be in the Competition section so make sure you check there for any art contests.

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Rules for both Art and Fan-Arts
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