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 all about me!!!

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PostSubject: all about me!!!   Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:00 pm

Name: ayumi-chan but people call me idiot Embarassed
Gender: i'll let you guess and suffer Razz
Age: im as old as i can get Drool
Favourite Colour: blue
Hobbies: matial arts !!!! and reading, tabletenniss, reading, basketball, netball, newcomball, reading and many more study
Dislikes: i hatemy big brother (nah jks hes da best), i hate everyone who is slack Evil or Very Mad
Favourite Manga/Anime: none. i dont even know y i join this thing Arrow

Favourite Manga/Anime Couple: i dont know but i'll say sakura and that other guy Bored
Currently reading: nothing!!!! stop asking!!! Crying or Very sad
Anything else?: nope
but da ways, i love u all!!! I love you
nots Nudge
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PostSubject: Re: all about me!!!   Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:30 pm

hello ayumi-chan

don't worry, I'll keep your real name secret (psst! I know who you are!!!). Anyways, welcome to theHIKARI forums and I hope that you'll have a nice time here.

Remember to read the rules!!

Sometimes, there's always a question nagging at that small place in your brain. Ask someone, and get your answer. That's how life is, very, very, peachy.
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PostSubject: Re: all about me!!!   Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:14 am

Oh, hey -- I was going to say your real name there -- Ayumi-chan.

Well, welcome.

I hope you will actually contribute to this forum.

One thing: Please refrain from using too many emoticons in one post. (And read the rules if you will contribute as Kiki-chan said.)

Don't spend hours trying to PM someone about something you don't understand. F***ing Google it, idiot. You are on the internet.
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PostSubject: Re: all about me!!!   

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all about me!!!
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