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 Rules - Read First

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Rules - Read First Empty
PostSubject: Rules - Read First   Rules - Read First EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 3:29 pm

Well, as the forum said, this is where you can share your J-pop music.

1. Make sure this album and/or song from this artist hasn't already been posted. Many people ignore this, please take it into consideration that it will be spamming and confusing.

2. Make a new topic. Please name it relevantly or in this order:
[Artist - Album]
If you don't know the album name, please look into it/research it (very easy - wikipedia); it makes this much easier for everyone else.

If it is just random songs from that artist, still please make sure you check that some of the songs aren't already added and please name it as so:
[Artist (number)]

Any questions? Post 'em here.
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Rules - Read First
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