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 Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro]

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Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro] Empty
PostSubject: Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro]   Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro] EmptyTue Apr 21, 2009 8:56 am


Just create a new Topic and introduce yourself. ^^

Here is the example introductory.

Age: (Optional)
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Manga/Anime:

Favourite Manga/Anime Couple:
Currently reading:
Anything else?:

Well, here goes mine.

Name: Akemi
Gender: Girl
Favourite Colour:[/b] None, actually.
Hobbies: Writing stories, reading, observing (psychology), and coming up with random deductions.
E.G. Few weeks ago, I deduced that a girl was always serving on her right-hand side square in Table Tennis because she was used to playing in Doubles.
Dislikes: Homework (but ironically likes assignments), English teacher (all he does is hand out worksheets - I don't think he's qualified - and he has many spelling mistakes) and that's all I can think of right now.
Favourite Manga/Anime: Detective Conan, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, Pokemon, Love Hina. (In that order)
Favourite Manga/Anime Couple: Ran and Shinichi & 'blue-eyed' Syaoran and Sakura.
Currently reading: DC, TRC, Mahou Sensei Negima, fanfictions XD
Anything else?:
x I, yes I know I'm weird, but, I like Maths.
x I either don't get angry easily or am good at hiding and controlling my feelings or both. A happy-go-lucky exterior.
x I used to be a heavy reader, but now, I read on fanfiction and write my own, but if the book is really good, I read when I can.
x I love to self-educate. At the moment, I'm teaching myself Japanese, and it's going on quite well.
x I have a fear of people posting up FanFics that I am planning to do. I know, I suck.
x Always plotting for future chapters and FanFics. Always. In my head, of course.
x Likes hitting and punching inanimate objects.

Heheh... That was long...

X33 Akemi
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Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro]   Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro] EmptyWed Apr 22, 2009 10:29 am

Name: x3Kurokawa Akirax3, but just call me Akira
Gender: I'll let you hazard a guess
Age: (Optional) As if I'll say how old I am XD
Favorite Colour: Black and blue (very,very dark blue XD)
Hobbies: Drawing and reading and writing XD
Dislikes: Idiots and me being used.
Favorite Manga/Anime: Monochrome Factor is on my top list right now ... still waiting for chapter 28 to come out ...
Favorite Manga/Anime Couple: Akira and Aya would look nice together ... yet Kengo and Aya would be great as well ... oh well.
Currently reading: Monochrome Factor ... hah ...
Anything else?: Nope, I have no further interest in letting the world know my deepest and darkest secrets, thoughts and sayings.
Farewell for now, but definitely not forever XD

... *beep*

oh yeah, I think favorite doesn't have a "u" in it ...

Sometimes, there's always a question nagging at that small place in your brain. Ask someone, and get your answer. That's how life is, very, very, peachy.
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Meet your Admins and Mods here! [Example Intro]
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